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We will continue where EasyEngine v3 leaves off: as a Python application for Ubuntu and Debian servers. Without Docker.


It takes just one simple command to seamlessly upgrade from EEv3 to WordOps:

wget -qO wo wordops.se/tup && sudo bash wo # install WordOps

From then on you can continue using all the ee commands that you’re used to.
With either ee or the wo alias. For example:

sudo wo site create example.com --wp # install WordPress on example.com

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We value simplicity, high performance and security. The choice from the EasyEngine team to switch to Docker is a very smart one and will be beneficial to a lot of people.

We also value freedom. Some people, like ourselves, might not want to use Docker. That’s why we’ve decided to fork the awesome tool that you’re used to: EasyEngine v3.

What’s new?

With WordOps version 3.9.2 (continuing from EEv3.8.x) you’ll have:

  • PHP 7.2 as default
  • All packages upgraded to the latest versions
  • Support for Debian 9 “Stretch”
  • Reworked the HTTPS configuration to more secure defaults.
  • We’ve deprecated the mail stack (if you were already using the mail stack, it will continue working, though you are highly encouraged to switch to an alternative, more info here).
  • And a bit more, view the complete changelog on GitHub.


If you are interested in our documentation, head over to the Docs page.


Can I still switch to EasyEngine v4 after installing WordOps?

Yes, you can! Your old configuration files will be stored safely and securely.

What’s on the roadmap for future versions of WordOps?

Most importantly we will keep WordOps compatible with future versions of Debian and Ubuntu. And we will keep all packages up-to-date.

Other cool ideas we’re planning on implementing are: a backup and restore functionality, a clone-to-staging functionality, a security wizard.

We also plan to have very clear and always up-to-date documentation.


Ask your questions via Slack:
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